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Our Stallions


Genetically he is a double pearl (Prl Prl) or in Spain we call this colour Isabela. Because Impetuoso is a double pearl, he is guaranteed to always pass one of his Pearl genes to his offspring. Not only is Impetuoso a a great colour but also he has a great height at 170cm and lots of bone. He has a special temperament, good movements, he is morphologically correct and passes all these attributes on to his offpring. He has origins from Yeguada Militar (Military Stud) with some really good ancestors in his pedigree, including the great Leviton, Oficial XXI, Deco, Jess and Agente, these are some of the best bloodlines you can find in the Purebred Spanish Horse PRE.


Genetically Historico is a Perlino ( CCr Prlp) This means he is guaranteed to pass either one Cream or one Pearl gene to his offspring. Historico is a son of Impetuoso Gap II and has inherited his height and bone. Historico is 4 years old and stands at 172cm. His mother Diablotina JL is a daughter of the great moving stallion Korsario, and Historico has inherited these good movements.

Historico has a future in dressage and we have high hopes for him. He is such an incredible horse, combining colour, racial type and movements.


Genetically he is a Perla (CrCr) this means that Ibero JL is guaranteed to pass one of his Cream genes to his offspring. He also has a red gene, so Ibero can produce Palomino, Cremello, buckskin and Perla foals. Ibero JL is a son of our former Stud stallion called Etico JL and a daughter of Bailora JL. 

This year Ibero is only 3 years old and now he is standing at 162cm, we think he will mature at 165-166cm. He is a very baroque PRE with fantastic movements and some good old bloodlines including Escalera, Bohorquez, Francisco Lazo and Terry.