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-We have won gold repeatedly in Valencian Community championship (Spain) since 2008 until 2016.

-We won bronze medal 2011 in Spanish Championship and silver in Teams Category in 2009.

-We have participated in international contests representing Spain, such as Saumur (France) where we ended as first classified.

Prizes won by Larrosa family during our years of competition.

During our livestock path we have participated in many contests, both in Spain and out of it, in Germany, France or even the United States.


Paula Larrosa and Javier Larrosa, at a Dressage Championship final in Valencian Community, Spain.

Paula Larrosa, in a competition with a horse from our livestock.

2016, North Carolina, USA

We focus our breeding on the special coat colours with correct morphological traits of the PRE Spanish Horse. 

For example some of the colours that we have include Buckskin, Albino, Perla, Perlino, Isabella and Cremello. These colours are genetically difficult to achieve and therefore very sought after.

Experts in breeding special color coats

Our Stud was founded over 40 years ago by Don Jesús Larrosa who began as a small farmer in the province of Alicante. Some years later Javier Larrosa inherited the the livestock of the farm and started his breeding program. 

Now in the present day the Farm has evolved and we have around 300 horses, including 120 mares and many Stallions. The selection of mares is of great importance and year after year we strive to improve the quality in our stock.

This way we achieve breeding PRE horses with good temperaments, beautiful coat colours, excellent movements and morphologicaly correct.

Our Farm

History of Javier Larrosa's Livestock